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Education – Living it, Loving it and Laughing About it
Looking to put a spark back into your teaching? Are you curious about what really makes your students tick? Looking for ways to connect with your students? This laugh-out-loud keynote provides ideas and strategies in the areas of connecting with your students, being an adult advocate for kids, and new strategies in classroom management. Jack will empower you with realistic solutions, which are good for kids, schools and school districts. A true crowd-pleaser for any type of educator.

Optimism and Opportunity
Inspiring, humorous and applicable to all in attendance.  Choosing optimism—even in the face of tough challenges—helps restore the healthy interactions and positive relationships necessary for enacting real school change.  Hear how teachers and school leaders can rekindle their individual and collective enthusiasm for a profession that has been progressively inundated with negativity. Be prepared to learn, to laugh, and to leave with a renewed sense of purpose.  This is a fact-based, positive approach to “taking back our profession.” Research-based strategies, practical examples, and thought-provoking scenarios will be included.


Classroom Management
Based on the book, Managing the Madness, A Practical Guide for Middle Grades Classrooms, this is a perfect session for administrators and educators. Jack provides real-life examples and solutions that help with classroom disruptions and management issues. This funny, informative, and entertaining session is designed to explain just why students interrupt our classroom and cause havoc within the school. See how you can develop useable action plans for students, and come discover not-so-typical ideas to manage a classroom.

Creating a School that is Ready to Lead, Teach and Learn
Come explore ways to change the climate and culture of your school. Learn how to deal with the items you can control. Share examples on how schools are changing their climate to help teachers and students.

Elements of Effective Teaming
Being on a middle school team can be filled with great joys, struggles, and frustrations. This practical session focuses on the real-life issues surrounding teaming. Jack will provide informative examples to help with effective use of team time and how teams can work together to deal with kids, curriculum, and professional development. You might even laugh at Jack’s descriptions of the characteristics of a team member. Based on the book Successful Middle School Teaming.

Team Leader Training
To maintain great teaming practices team leaders need to be trained on how to run a meeting, deal with adult conflicts, effective use of team time, and how to create impactful agendas. Training is typically done in late summer, before school starts.

Creating an Advisory that Meets Your Students’ Needs
This is a multi-day event working with your teachers and admin. Together we will create a Google formatted advisory program that will be question and activity based.This advisory program will be easy to implement with lessons and examples to help guide your teachers and staff in providing social and emotional support for their students.

Student Engagement and Motivation
Looking for great ways to motivate students? These hands-on ideas are perfect for all subjects. Easy to use and implement in any classroom or school. No technology, just fun and practical solutions.

(Would you like to have all of these great materials for your teachers to use in the classroom? Ask us for details!

Student-Led Conferences and Mini Courses
Student-led conferences are a game changer for any school, teacher, or administrator. These unique conferences are not like the traditional parent/teacher conferences. This workshop explains how to get started, how to inform parents, and how to involve all subject areas including elective and exploratory classes. This includes ways to organize and prep the students and even provides ideas for parents to reflect on their child’s progress. Each attendee will leave with the knowledge and ability to implement student-led conferences. Also, in this session, you’ll discover highly motivating and easy to implement ways to offer outstanding mini courses to your students.

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Understanding Adolescents – for teachers
Being able to figure out the inner workings of adolescents is key to being a great middle school teacher. Come discover helpful teacher tips on how to relate to young adolescents. Share and apply teaching ideas that meet the needs of middle school students. This session will also provide practical ideas to help with classroom management and behavioral issues from structuring your room to methods for getting a class to simmer down. Connect with your students and discover new ways to relate to them that will surely improve learning.

Understanding Adolescents – for parents
Spend an hour with Jack Berckemeyer who will try to explain the inner workings of adolescents and how their current reality is so different from ours at their age. He will share tips on how to relate along with practical ideas to help with behavioral issues. Be prepared to learn, to laugh, and to leave with a renewed sense of parenting.

15 New Faces of Young Adolescents
Are we seeing a change in adolescents? What new characteristics have emerged post Covid? Join Jack for a realistic and funny overview of the new attributes of 10–15-year-olds. Jack will share his insights on what he is seeing in middle schools all across the country and he will share ideas that are working for administrators and teachers.

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Webinar Series

Professional Development available on your time, at your fingertips!  Topics include:

  • Deliberate Optimism in a Unique Time
  • Meeting the Basic Needs of Students in High Poverty Areas
  • Social/Emotional Learning – the Foundations for Student Success
  • Serving Diverse Learners During School Closures and Beyond
  • Virtual Student-Led Conferences
  • and more
    1 year subscription includes topics listed above plus new topics added each month throughout the school year. Our Webinar Series can also be custom-tailored to meet your needs.  Contact us for more information.

We can bring our amazing Nuts and Bolts Symposiums to you.

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Additional Consulting Services

  • Parent Meetings
  • Team Observations
  • Long Term Work with Schools
  • Board Meetings
  • School Assessment
  • Classroom Observations
  • Planning with Administrative Team
  • Meeting with Committees
  • 9th Grade Academies
  • Assessment Vocabulary to Increase Achievement
  • Essentials Teachers Helping with Student Success
  • School Wide – Climate and Culture Assessment