Lisa Cushman – Brunswick Junior High School

  • Posted by admin
  • On September 1, 2014

“We have worked with Jack for the last three years, starting with an “opening day” presentation that was done in by a hurricane and presented in March with the same inspiring impact and continuing with consultations with our teams over a number of days during the school year. I have been the assistant principal here for 17 years and was a teacher on a sixth grade ‘team’ for 11 years before that and in the past three years Jack has brought our teams to a higher level than we were able to reach in the all the years before that. Jack not only knows what it means to be a great team, he can assess teams and work with them in a manner that gets people excited about the changes they need to make. Jack is one of the few educational ‘gurus’ that can truly deliver on the promises. He is what any school who is striving to meet the needs of every student through the development of highly functional teams needs.”