Cindy Anderson, M. Ed.

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Cindy’s 30+ year tenure in education at the Mid-Del Public Schools in Oklahoma City, is the very definition of the word, consummate – “complete in every detail”. She started her career in elementary education where she laid the foundation for countless young learners by instilling a love for learning. She then moved on to middle school to work with students, guiding them through crucial stages of their academic journey. As an ACE/Gifted and Talented teacher her passion and dedication shone through as she provided her students with more opportunities to flourish.

Cindy moved on to be the API District facilitator where she participated in the district’s development and growth by helping to facilitate innovation and progress. As an Assistant Principal, she played a vital role in the school’s administration, ensuring a conducive learning environment for all. Then serving as Principal she led and inspired both students and educators to achieve their highest potential. Now retired from Mid-Del City Schools, her unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for nurturing continues as she contributes to the world of education as the Teaming Assessment Director of our Mentoring and Support team for Administrators.