Eric Bartkowski

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Eric is an Ohio educator who has been teaching science and language arts to middle school students since 2010 and loves it!

Eric’s classroom is noticeably student-centered: He has transformed his science curriculum into a self-paced, differentiated, and gamified journey through the content that allows for every student in his class to take ownership of their learning and design a pathway that is just right for them.  They even play a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game once a week!

In 2020, Eric was honored to be named “Employee of the Year” by his city’s Kiwanis Club for his commitment to providing engaging experiences and opportunities for student connection during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Outside of the classroom, Eric is the director and choreographer of his school’s theatre company. He brings over 20 years of theatrical experience and training to his students, and he’s led this Company of 6th-8th graders through a variety of experiences, including plays, musicals, Shakespeare, monologue showcases, world premieres, and student-created work.

Eric lives in the same city where he teaches, and he and his wife have 3 super rad kids. His hobbies include playing music (he plays his ukulele in the halls of his school on Fridays!), playing with kids, and biking (chances are extremely high that Eric biked to school today!)