Jonathan Grant Brown

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Jonathan is an innovative leader in shifting the way business as usual is done in higher education. Being a part of the change taking place in higher education institutions has given Jonathan the opportunity to collaborate with internal stakeholders and engage students on a level that empowers them in taking ownership of their learning. Jonathan earned his B.A. degree in Communication and his M. Ed. from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. As someone who has overwhelmingly benefited from what a collection of talented educators can provide, Jonathan has dedicated his life to empowering students and educators alike in being exceptional in their pursuit of a successful future. As an educator, he believes that building, nurturing, and growing proper relationships will accelerate student learning while helping them gain more of a responsibility for it. “You are not every day, regular, average people, you are the innovators, creators, and discoverers of the future, taking ownership of that now is the key to your future success.”