Mark McLeod

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Mark McLeod is on fire for his job-and wants teachers to be on fire for theirs (jobs that are among the most important in the world, he says)! Known for his dynamic and motivating presentations, Mark is rare speaker who can reach the heart of any educator. He inspires listeners to be encouragers (not discouragers) and positive forces (in a too-often negative world). He’s taken his enthusiastic, encouraging message to all parts of the country-teaching educators how to meet the students’ number one need: unconditional love-WHILE they teach with absolutely powerful and workable strategies that motivate, raise achievement, and make classroom management, oh, so manageable!

Mark’s educational experience includes the roles of teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, motivational speaker, professional-development instructor, and educational consultant. He’s been honored as Teacher of the Year in his district and Administrator of the Year in his county and region. Mark knows what it is like to “be in the trenches.”

As fervent as Mark is about his work, he’s even more fervent about home and family. Mark lives in Purvis, Mississippi with his wife, Kelli, and with daughter, Erin, nearby. When he gets time to catch his breath, he’s finishing up his first written guide, tentatively titled Toolbox for Success: Powerful Strategies for Student Motivation, Effective Instruction, and Classroom Management .